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Model ST-KF03 NFC Mifare classic Keyfob with Logo Printed

The NFC Mifare classic 1k keyfob is a convenient and secure way to access 

restricted areas or equipment. It enables users to easily 

swipe their keyfob in front of an RFID reader to grant 

access. The compact size of the keychain makes it ideal for carrying around on a daily basis, without taking up too much space. RFID technology ensures the keychain is secure, 

as it cannot be duplicated like traditional keys, providing greater peace of mind to the user.

Product Detail

Product Tags

Technical parameters

Material ABS
Protocol ISO14443A, ISO15693
Frequency 125Khz, 13.56Mhz
Printing Silk-printing Logo, one color or two colors
Crafts more Laser engraved number, Serial number
Color Blue, red,grey,yellow,black
Value added Data encoded, UID list provided
Work Temp -20℃-50℃
Data Retain >10 yeas
Read/Write >1,000,000 times

Available chip

Model Frequency Read/Write Memory Protocol Brand
TK4100 125Khz R/O 64 bit   Taiwan
EM4305 125Khz R/W 512 bit ISO11784/785 EM
T5557 125Khz R/W 363 bit ISO11784/785 ATMEL
HITAG 1 125Khz R/W 2K bit   NXP
HITAG 2 125Khz R/W 256 bit ISO11784/785 NXP
MIFARE Classic 1K 13.56Mhz R/W 1K byte ISO14443A NXP
MIFARE Classic 4K 13.56Mhz R/W 4k byte ISO14443A NXP
MIFAER Ultralight 13.56Mhz R/W 512 bit ISO14443A NXP
MIFAER Ultralight C 13.56Mhz R/W 1536 bit ISO14443A NXP
MIFARE Desfire EV1 2K 13.56Mhz R/W 2K byte ISO14443A NXP
MIFARE Desfire EV1 4K 13.56Mhz R/W 4K byte ISO14443A NXP
MIFARE Desfire EV1 8K 13.56Mhz R/W 8K byte ISO14443A NXP
MIFARE Plus S2K/X2K 13.56Mhz R/W 2K byte ISO14443A NXP
MIFARE Plus S4K/X4K 13.56Mhz R/W 4K byte ISO14443A NXP
ICODE SLI 13.56Mhz R/W 1024 bit ISO14443A NXP
NTAG 213 13.56Mhz R/W 144 byte ISO14443A NXP
NTAG 215 13.56Mhz R/W 504 byte ISO14443A NXP
NTAG 216 13.56Mhz R/W 888 byte ISO14443A NXP
HITAG S256 13.56Mhz R/W 256 bit ISO11784 NXP

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